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Baby-Ape society will be having $BAPE and Baby-Ape NFT in phase 1. Both derivatives are the foremost of our project, and to brings different ecosystems where collaborate in different fields. Sparking with unaccustomed experience in NFT world, convoy you to Web3.0 and usher a new NFT era with Baby-Ape.


Create a veritable value for NFT

Our operations and development are surrounding $BAPE and Baby-Ape NFT, it derives our future development with the reciprocal and construct an intact Baby-Ape society.


Prospectively, Baby-Ape society will be opening theme store all around the world, commence with coffee shop, inaugurate a sneaker shop or even more surprising brand development.

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Our Journey So Far

11 Aug

Our Twitter and website officially opened.

In our phase1, there is no fancy community. We will focus on updating website and twitter.

12 Aug

$BAPE enrolled in cryptoexchange

Our token $BAPE has enrolled in JPEX crypto platform, users can buy and trade in JPEX.

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